Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program (BDRIP)

You may qualify for up to $125,000 in grant funding.

This program includes two streams that aim to provide
something for both new and existing downtown businesses
that are committed to downtown as a part of their long-term plans. This Grant Program will reimburse a portion of project
costs, up to the maximums outlined below for each stream. The grant will be provided when the project is completed.


Downtown Investment Program Grants Of Up To $125,000 For Capital Investments

BDDC will fund a maximum of 25% of eligible fees and project costs, up to a maximum of $30,000 for a capital investment of $120,000 or less, with no requirement for creating new jobs. You may be eligible for a maximum of $500,000 with the requirement of creating new jobs, filling vacant commercial space and land in the core business district, and using the professional services of an architect and engineer to design the project. 

Application Closed

Business Improvement Grants Of Up To $6,000​

BDDC will fund up to 75% of eligible expenses if the service provider operates in downtown Brandon, up to 50% of eligible expenses if the service provider is in Manitoba to a maximum of $6,000. Tell us your long-term business growth plans and how the requested funding will help, you achieve your identified growth plans. 

Application Closed

Explore Brandon Downtown Business Improvement Program

Review this program guide and come up with a plan to improve your business. If you need assistance developing a plan or finding service providers, we can help with that.
Step 2
Work with us to determine the portion of eligible expenses in your project that can be covered by this Grant Program.
Step 4
Begin Project
If approved, begin your project. Approved eligible expenses can include work started on or after February 1, 2023.
Step 6
Get Funded
Receive your grant funds!
Step 1
Submit Application
Submit your application to BDDC using the online application.
Step 3
Wait to hear back from us about the status of your application within thirty (30) days of your application being received.
Step 5
Submit Receipts
Once your project is complete, submit receipts and required proof of completion.
Step 7

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