Façade and Storefront Improvement Program

Façade and Storefront Improvement Program

The purpose of the Façade and Storefront Improvement Program aims to encourage downtown building owners or main floor (storefront) tenants to invest in façade improvements and exterior storefront upgrades by providing grants to cover a portion of renovation costs pre-development professional fees. The program intends to support the creation of a more vibrant, attractive and pedestrian-oriented environment within the downtown while at the same time helping to leverage retail and business investment to the area. Visually appealing storefronts can contribute to an economically vibrant downtown and align with the three core values identified in the downtown vision: diversity, uniqueness and character.

A well-designed storefront can provide much-needed services and amenities to residents while contributing significantly to the quality of a neighbourhood’s streetscape and economic vitality. The good retail design extends far beyond the attractiveness and immediacy of the built environment. Benefits include positive changes to the social, economic and environmental health of the downtown community.

The program is intended to assist property owners or main floor (storefront) tenants in contributing to the unique and vibrant urban place of downtown and facilitating the addition of building features that improve the pedestrian experience. The program will provide funding to: preserve the historical integrity of buildings in the downtown area; contribute to a high-quality pedestrian environment; encourage the development of distinct character areas; improve perceptions of safety; improve accessibility, and add diversity and interest to retail streets.

The Brandon Downtown Development Corporation will fund up to 25% of eligible project costs, up to a maximum of $15,000 (up to $30,000 for corner properties), and up to 25% of conceptual design work, to a maximum of $3,000. In addition, under extenuating circumstances and at the Board’s discretion, additional funding for exterior renovation work may be available.

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