Pilot Graffiti Removal Program

Pilot Graffiti Removal Program

The City of Brandon has started the Pilot Graffiti Removal Program in an effort to maintain the elegance and cleanliness of the Downtown Brandon area. The program’s objective is to work with reputable cleaning services to visit premises inside the downtown area and remove any reported graffiti, restoring the city’s beauty in the process.

To be eligible for the Pilot Graffiti Removal Program, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Location within the Downtown boundary

  2. Submission of graffiti picture

  3. Provision of property access

It is important to note that the Pilot Graffiti Removal Program exclusively focuses on graffiti removal and does not extend to additional services such as painting.

Participants should be aware that reporting graffiti through this program does not involve filing a police report. To report an incident to the police, individuals are advised to visit the Brandon Police Station located at 1020 Victoria Ave or contact them at 204-729-2345.

The city hopes to create a lively and appealing downtown environment for residents and visitors to enjoy by immediately resolving graffiti issues. By submitting your report right away, you can help the city of Brandon fight graffiti. 

Submit your report now and join us in restoring the beauty of Downtown Brandon.

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