November 17, 2023

Emmanuel Ahaneku Appointed as New Executive Director of BDDC

A Decade of Experience to Propel Downtown Brandon’s Revitalization.


Brandon, MB – Emmanuel has been named the new Executive Director of the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC). His appointment brings over fifteen years of diverse experience in financial services, media, public, and IT sectors to the forefront of downtown Brandon’s revitalization.

A Blend of Leadership and Expertise

Emmanuel’s background spans roles in business development, marketing communications, business analysis, product management, and program coordination, equipping him to drive BDDC’s strategic efforts. His skills in stakeholder management, business process improvement, project management and business development are assets to his new role.

Strategic Vision for Downtown Revitalization

In his role, Emmanuel will lead the development of strategic action plans, focusing on effective resource management and strategies to revitalize downtown Brandon. He will play a pivotal role in fostering private sector investment and enhancing the urban core’s vibrancy.

Building Partnerships for a Vibrant Downtown

A key focus for Emmanuel is to build strong relationships with stakeholders, guiding development initiatives, and raising public awareness about the importance of a vibrant urban center.

Implications for BDDC and Downtown Brandon

Emmanuel’s leadership is set to invigorate BDDC’s mission, promising innovative solutions for economic growth and the transformation of downtown Brandon into a dynamic, attractive destination.


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